Range Rover V8

Range Rover V8 Cláudio 01

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nissan patrol vs range rover.mp4
paveh off road in snow .nissan patrol 2002 4500 vs range rover classic 3900 1997

Range Rover V8
Range Rover V8 claúdio 02

Trial de Cártama 2012 (Range Rover V8)
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monster range rover classic on landrover test track
taking my range rover classic around a landrover test track. on the track there is ramps and steps, water traps, a seesaw, axle twisters, a log bumpy road and a banked corner. my range rover is off road preped and took all the obsticals in its stride. the obsticals dont look that big in the videos but trust me driving them they felt massive. im new to off roading so please forgive any driving mistakes whilst tackling the course. hoping to get to a proper pay and play day real soon. the car is lifted +4inch on springs +4inch bodylift wheels are 16x10 with 37 x12.5 inch maxxis creepy crawlers 3.5 v8 efi. (going to put bigger engine in soon and megasquirt it)