Banzai Banzai Banzai!! Join us for the finals tomorrow!!

Evening mis amigos, Glass"O"Red in hand, epic day of racing @Kirkwood today! Huge props to KSEF & our Ski Patrol & Mtn. Ops teams for the great day! Tomorrow my friends is all about the Banzai finals, stoke level is high my friends.. Stay'n Thirsty, Coop

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Kirkwood Mountain Resort 2012 GoPro Recap
Recap video from Kirkwood Mountain Resort 2012. I do not own the song. No copyright infringement intended. Song: El Ten Eleven - Every Direction Is North

Skulls and Crossbones Kirkwood Ski Resort "The Wall"... They put those signs there for a reason!!!
A day at Kirkwood, living on the edge! "The Wall" is about half ay through the video and was a good 65-70 degree drop off... Hearts were racing and adrenaline was flowing!

Great double black run, starting from the WALL at Kirkwood Mountain and finishing with a nice face plant skiing through the ravine just before 7:00 minutes on the video.... don't worry, there was two feet of fresh powder to break my fall.

Preview of the 2013 Kirkwood Stop on the Rahlves' Banzai Tour
Daron Rahlves give a course preview for the Kirkwood Wall Banzai which will be held February 2-3. Registration is open now!