96 Volt Kit in a 1965 EV VW Beetle Drive

Test Drive in a 1965 VW Beetle EV converted with a 96VDC conversion kit.

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Green Overdrive: The Homemade Electric VW Bug!
We cruise around with Al Bullock, who restored and converted a 1970 VW bug into a cute little electric vehicle that gets just as good a mileage as the Nissan Leaf.

Home made 144v 500amp motor controller.
This video is the first and second test drive of our homemade 144v 500 amp motor controller, tested at 72v. Vist for more details and information on how to do this.

Electric Powered Beetle Dragster - Black Current III
VW Pro 1/4 Final ETB 2010

Driving the ZelectricBug Electric VW Beetle at Highway Speeds
It's been said that Electric Car manufacturers often overstate their vehicle range on a full charge. For the ZelectricBug, we estimate a range from 90-110 miles, depending on how you drive it. To make sure the ZelectricBug goes the distance at higher speeds, we've documented a full range road trip on our San Diego CA highways. Unlike gas-engined cars, at slower just-driving-around-town speeds, the ZelectricBug actually gets 15-20% MORE miles!