Rust Repair Around Rear Window On Pullmax by West Coast Auto Craft

In this video Chris Miranda and Drew Bell walk you through a rust repair around the rear window of a 1969 Chevelle. Watch as they build tooling, shape the part in the Pullmax P5 machine, and weld it all in. These guys make it look way too easy.

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Door bottom rust repair
still have to spot and grind a few welds then throw on some primer and be ready for some body work later on

rear window rust repair patch chevelle ss panel fabrication with hand tools
Inspired by watching fabrication with dies in power hammers and english wheels, I did my best to reproduce the techniques with hand tools on a work bench. This is rust repair and fabrication in a home workshop. I plan to tig weld in the repair patches using plug welds on the inside and a lap join on the outside. I am using a reproduction rear deck filler panel that I was lucky enough to buy locally

The start of the roof repair Part-1
The start of the roof repair Part-1

Aston Martin - Panel Beating Pullmax Rick Mullin
Listen carefully as Rick Mullin explains how he formed a highly detailed circular panel for an Aston-Martin using simple dies in a Pullmax. He drops many pearls of metal wisdom throughout as he fields questions at the Jalopy Showdown Metal Meet where I filmed him in July, 2012 . Rick is known for his careful attention to detail and you'll see how he earned that reputation in this video. Contact Rick at: