Aquila SR1 doing laps at FDM Jyllands Ringen

Poulsen Motorsport driver Kristian Poulsen douing some laps at Jyllands Ringen in the Danish build Aquila SR1 sportscar.

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MotorTV - Aquila racing
Vi har besøgt Århus Tech's underviser Dan Suenson, på hans faste arbejdsplads, Aquila Racing.

Aquila CR1 racing at Spa-Francorchamps
Aquila CR1 racing in the Dutch Super Car Challenge at Spa-Francorshamps October 3rd 2009. In the seat are former Le Mans driver Lars Erik Nielsen and Alex Frederichsen.

Aquila Cr1 - Claus Christensen winning 1. heat SS GRANDPRIX Jyllandsringen
Vinder Claus Christensen, Aquila cr1, Jyllandsringen, Special Saloon GPDanmark 1. heat. Aquila cr1 klasse 5 tid: 17:05,810 - 29/08-15. Hele løbet kan ses her:

Kevin Magnussen lab record attempt at FDM jyllands-Ringen
The Danish 2016 Renault Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen was trying to beat the old lab record of accomplishment 1.07,049 at FDM Jyllands-Ringen the 24th of April in his Renault Sport R.S. 01 racecar first on wet tires and second on slicks. It had been snowing a couple an hours before the record attempt and the track was a bit wet a slippery. The record attempt was set between the second heat and the final heat of this year first round of the DTC (Danish Thundersport Championship). He had 15. minutes to set the lab record, but he didn’t make it until the time ranted out, so he drive in to pit and changed to slicks and then he sets some quite good laps afterwards. Kevin Magnussen made an unofficial lap time at 1.05.22. Far as I know the record lap time have been made official meanwhile.