Diesel truck vs evo

evo vs truck

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350z vs Cummins
stock 04 350z vs cummins diesel. None of the vehicles in this video are mine. This video was shot during our lunch break at school back in 2009. All the cars were fellow students from the auto tech school we attended.

Murica F250 Diesel vs Kenny G Evo "summer tires"
Murica F250 Diesel vs Kenny G Evo Heads Up, Dig, Money Race Both cars on street tires

Dodge Diesel vs GTR
hello..before you post a rude ass comment, please be aware that you just wasted your time reading this description..yall are really pathetic for being so immature bout this video..even some asshole took this video n tried to make it his..yall r some hatin ass bitches on that hoe shit

07 Cummins vs 08 Subie STI
40mph roll............... www.MyFloridaSRT.com