NADM F250 7.3 Diesel Drag Race Blowby

NADM F250 7.3 Diesel Drag Race in bakersfield CA Blowby's 2nd run.

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7.3 vs duramax drag race

6.0 vs 7.3 drag race
My 7.3 Killed him out of the hole. My 60ft is 1.9 seconds. My recorder dropped phone. He didn't expect the hard launch.

7.3 Vs 6.4 Powerstrokes Drag Race
Im in the right lane Slow as hell. 17.031, 6.4 got a 16.984 but red lighted. 030846_7612786_3816455_n.jpg Mods: DIY intake, 3" downpipe to 5" pipe w/ 7" tip, Tony Wildman tuned, 17* HPOP, Beans Diesel stage 1 injectors. You can hear the transmission slipping around 3rd gear (0:44)