Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 - CAT, Materials, Viewport Canvas, Rendering, and More

In this DVD, Instructor Michael McCarthy goes in depth with some of the most important new features in 3ds Max 2011. Michael starts off with an extensive overview of "CAT" and then goes through creating a custom CAT Rig from scratch and even goes into great detail with using CAT Muscles. Next Michael goes into great detail with the new Slate Material Editor and ends up creating a custom Shader for a Character. Another exciting feature covered is the new Viewport Canvas tools to texture a character head. Other topics on the DVD include rendering with Quicksilver, Rendering out Surface Maps, and more. This DVD is perfect for those who want to get up to speed fast with many new features in 3ds Max 2011 and how to use them in production. More Info Here:

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Iron Baby
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!!! I will soon launch my own CG school so stay tune! *** Iron Baby 3D model now available for sale on turbosquid!: *** EDIT (25-05-2017): Hey guys and girls still coming here to watch Iron Baby (since now more than 2 months the views are exploding here, still more than 30,000 views a day on my Iron baby video!!!) Please also watch the IRON BABY MAKING OF: 8 walkthrough video entirely free just for the fun of sharing knowledge with aspiring cg artists or anyone curious about the process: Original description (many years ago): I just finished all the 3D (modeling, Texturing, animation, Fx etc.) in 3dsMax 2011 and rendered with Vray, for this very short fake trailer i did just for fun with my friend Patrick Boivin who had the idea, did the live shooting, direction and compositing in Adobe After Effects. We wanted to see the technical level we could reach together. I used CAT for the animation. The first landing shot was done by camera projection (we had just a photo for the background and a fire footage). I created all my HRDI images for the reflection using a fisheye lens. It took me alot of time to model the whole Iron Baby suit. I first model the real Iron Man and then deformed it to baby proportions.

Autodesk 123D Sculpt
Introducing Autodesk 123D Sculpt for iPad! Now Available on the iTunes App Store: &mt=8

Human Head Modeling [HD] : 牛山雅博
人間の頭部のモデリングです。 作り方には個性があり、これが良いというものはないと 思います。 こんな作り方をする人もいると思ってください。 先ずエッジの収束点が横向きの球を出して顔の側面にあ たる部分を平らにし、あごになる部分を下へ引き延ばし ます。 眼球は目を作る前にはじめから入れた方がモデリングの 目安になります。 細かい作り込みと共に分割線を増やしていきますが、必 要最小限にするのがこつで、荒削りに作ってから細かい エッジを足していく感じで制作していきます。 形状のモデリングが終わったら、UVの編集をしてテクス ャーをつけ、質感を調整して、必要に応じて表情を作 ていきます。 このモデルは良い分割線とはいえないエッジの流れも多 いので、参考にする方は自分なりに良い方法を見つけだ してください。 牛山雅博 Masahiro Ushiyama

Maya animation | Naor Zoaretz
3D Maya animation and post production by Naor Zoaretz and Efrat Oren. My showreel: