2011 Shelby gt 500 160 mph

My 2011 Shelby gt 500 going top speed

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2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra Performance Package Supercharged Demonstration 11.m2ts
This car is currently Available From Ray Skillman Performance Ford. If you would like a different color, I have others on order. We can change an order to the configuration you choose for a limited time until the other orders are in build. As of RIGHT NOW, we have in addition to this 3 allocated units and if you put your name on one or change it to a custom order I GUARANTEE you will get the car. Other dealers may claim to be able to get you a car, but Ford has capped the production at 5,500 and just because a dealer takes your order doesn't mean you will get the car. I am one of the biggest Mustang dealers in the country and Ford has GUARANTEED me 8 cars minimum. 4 are Sold, This one is available and 3 in the order bank. Don't wait or take a chance that a dealer can't come through, I can. John Trischler 317-796-8472

EPIC Burnout Shelby GT500 Super Snake // Diesel Truck Pulled Over // Sick Burnout Mustang Cobra !!!
EPIC Burnout Shelby GT500 Super Snake / Dodge Diesel Truck Pulled Over / Patriotic Burnout Mustang Cobra !!! The Annapolis Car Show 2016 By Koons Ford !!! Mustang_roush@live.com My Personal Facebook - Samuel Reyes ( Lamborghini Reyes ) ---------------------------------------------- My Facebook Page - Maryland Exotic Cars ---------------------------------------------- MY INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/exoticsmd --------------------------------------------- MY TWITTER - https://twitter.com/#!/GALLARDO84 ---------------------------------------------- MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL - http://youtube.com/roushin84 -------------------------------------------------

2013 GT500 75 - 160mph
Car has less that 500 miles on it...just a quick 3rd to 4th gear run in my new 2013 gt500. I shifted probably at 6800rpms in 3rd and DID NOT wind 4th gear out.

2011 Shelby GT500 vs. 600 HP 2011 "Firebreather" Camaro
The Smoking Tire hits the Mailbu canyons for one last hurrah with our Shelby GT500, and we brought along our closest competitor: the Classic Design Concepts/Exxodus Pictures "Firebreather," a 600-horsepower Firebird-converted Chevy Camaro. For more info about the Firebreather, check out www.Firebreathercar.com