2011 Shelby gt 500 160 mph

My 2011 Shelby gt 500 going top speed

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2011 GT500 Top Speed Blast up to 155 mph/the Speed Limiter - Low Res.
This is the Low Res. Version on YouTube. Check Out the Higher Resolution Video I have recently Posted. Thanks. Speedometer, Road, Tunnel-vision and Boost gauge are on the screen for most of the footage. Oh yeah don't forget the Dramamine.

2013 GT500 75 - 160mph
Car has less that 500 miles on it...just a quick 3rd to 4th gear run in my new 2013 gt500. I shifted probably at 6800rpms in 3rd and DID NOT wind 4th gear out.

Gt500 Kenne Bell 2.8H Top Speed Blast
Kristopher Hanks driving Kyles new gt500 with a mammoth setting on top on the motor. Unfortunatly there was a speed limiter at 160. Nooooooooo!!!!!

2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra Performance Package Supercharged Demonstration 11.m2ts
This car is currently Available From Ray Skillman Performance Ford. If you would like a different color, I have others on order. We can change an order to the configuration you choose for a limited time until the other orders are in build. As of RIGHT NOW, we have in addition to this 3 allocated units and if you put your name on one or change it to a custom order I GUARANTEE you will get the car. Other dealers may claim to be able to get you a car, but Ford has capped the production at 5,500 and just because a dealer takes your order doesn't mean you will get the car. I am one of the biggest Mustang dealers in the country and Ford has GUARANTEED me 8 cars minimum. 4 are Sold, This one is available and 3 in the order bank. Don't wait or take a chance that a dealer can't come through, I can. John Trischler 317-796-8472