pivot car chase-"Video killed the radio star"

Car chase animation I made with "Pivot" software.

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stop motion cars crashes
Look Out!!!!!! Big cars crashes

FrozenFire's Car Chase Pivot Animation
As stated in the title, this is NOT my video/movie/pivot animation. It is made by the famous FrozenFire at DarkDemon. He is one of the 'Pivot Elites' I have received permission from FrozenFire and he has agreed that I can post his animation on YouTube. Thi was made on Pivot version 2.2.5 with NO sprites, and NO background. Everything you see is made with pivot. 90% of the animation is in 'bird's eye view'. It is a car chase and it is one of the best pivots ever made. You won't even believe this was made with pivot just because it's so good. The sounds added by PivotMasterDX ehance this animation even more. Just a reminder: This pivot animation is not mine, it is FrozenFire's. I have received full permission from him to post this on YouTube. CREDITS: Animation - FrozenFire Sounds - PivotMasterDX Hosting it on YouTube - XplissitBboy Extra Tags: Stick man stickman stick figure stickfigure fight fighting fights xiaoxiao3 xiao xiao 3 xiaoxiao cool lol awesome best better random new music sound effects effect sfx special beam blast men stickmen sticks stickfight animate animation animating animations anime sword battle war attack punch kick DarkDemon dark demon droidz youtube stickman legacy stick page portal pivot host pivotplace flash tisfat

또봇11기 출동!또봇 - 제5화 [TOBOT S.11 EP.05]
또봇11기 출동!또봇 - 제5화 가짜 경찰을 잡아라 [TOBOT S.11 EP.05] 또봇C와 함께 황급히 훤빈을 추적하는 오 순경, 훤빈이 탄 검정색 밴을 잡기 위해 W가 속해 있는 하나의 드림팀에게 출동을 요청한다. 마침 손목 무전기를 잠시 풀고 있던 하나에게 온 메세지를 먼저 나꿔챈 두리, 세모와 함께 출동한다. 훤빈의 밴을 추격하던 오 순경, 도무지 거리가 좁혀지지 않을 때 두리로부터 위치를 묻는 연락이 온다. '내가 부른건 하나네 팀인데?'하며 의아해 하지만 다급한 상황에서 따질 여유가 없는 오 순경, 밴이 향하고 있는 방향을 알려주며 길을 막으라고 하고, 두리와 세모가 터보 엔진을 켜고 달려간다. • 영실업 홈페이지 http://www.youngtoys.co.kr • 또봇 공식 블로그 http://blog.naver.com/tobot_yt • 또봇 공식 어플 1) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?hl=ko&id=kr.co.youngtoys.tobot_g oogle 2) http://nstore.naver.com/appstore/web/detail.nhn?productNo=623496

STOP motion
An unlucky car looks for a spot to park in... ...but even when he finds it...