Getaway in Stockholm- Ghostrider gets busted

Ghostrider gets arrested by swedish police

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Patrick F├╝rstenhoff allias Ghostrider openly for the first time !
Patrick F├╝rstenhoff is born in Sweden and he's 34 years old

Police Chase - Suzuki SV1000S vs Swedish Police
Swedish police chasing a SV1000S -04. The rider was arrested in his home and pleaded guilty which was a stupid thing to do. In Sweden you have no obligation to give information who was riding your bike. The police must prove you were riding at the time and that is almost impossible if you use a helmet. If you think this was an SV650, use and you will find out.

Ghost Rider - Uppsala Run - OMG WATCH
Thumbs up if you like it.. =) 42.6 miles, 68 km, in heavy traffic under 15min.. I would say this is the best driving ever performeded in heavy traffic.. I would like to see anyone do the same.. LOL

Ghost Rider Getaway at Stockholm Part1
Live to ride, ride to live!