1984 Pontiac Trans Am H.O. stock exhaust system / MBJreport


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1982 Pontiac Firebird Transformation into KITT from Knight Rider
Having an (unhealthy) obsession with the 80's TV show Knight Rider, like many fans of the show, I had to have my own KITT. But you can't really just go out and buy these cars, so I had to build one. This video shows some of what's involved into creating KITT from Knight Rider. At least from a body work perspective. I was lucky enough to obtain an almost rust and dent free car, and after getting a few (huge) quotes from a couple of local paint shops for what is essentially a full bare metal respray, I decided to tackle the tear down myself. And with the help of a mate, who also happens to be an ex automotive painter, he worked his magic on the bodywork/spray gun side of things. I think he did a pretty good job! I'm sure you'll agree. My advice to you if your going to do one, find a black one to start with!

1984 Pontiac Trans AM WS6 L69 HO 5 speed
1984 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ws6 l69 HO 5 speed. One owner. 100% all original. 75,900 original miles. This is a near perfect example of what you want your Trans Am to be. No leaks, No rust and no accidents. This amazing T/A was owned by a man who passed. His wife kept the car 24 years in storage and had someone maintain and start the car for her every month. Powered by a V8 305 4bbl engine and a manual transmission. Both 100% original. The interior of the car is 100% perfect with no blemishes. No leaks with these original T-Tops. All gauges work and the head light louvers have no air leaks and work great. Original stereo and T-top cover. This is the cleanest nicest Trans AM I have ever owned. Everything works 100%. It really wont last long. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks. THIS MOTOR VEHICLE IS SOLD AS IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY,EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. ALL INFORMATION DESCRIBED IS TO THE BEST OF THE SELLERS KNOWLEDGE.

1984 Trans Am HO revving
Une vidéo de ma Trans Am de 1984. V8 5.0L HO (L69) de 190ch presque stock : arbre à came et poussoirs Edelbrock, carburateur Holley, caches culbuteurs chromés (lol). Elle tourne très bien malgré ses 177000 miles cependant a besoin d'une sérieuse révision.. A short video of my 177000 miles 1984 Trans Am revving, mostly stock 190hp 5.0L V8 (L69) : Edelbrock camshaft and lifters, Holley carburetor, chrome head covers (lol j/k). She's running fine but needs some work.

1982 Trans Am stock dual resonators
The stock resonators on this Trans Am still sounds good and deep. It's not too loud and not too obnoxious. It has a nice rumble and sounds pretty cool at wide open throttle. It has a nice sound for a stock Exhaust. I'm planning to use it for my red 1982 Trans Am that's being restored to it's stock appearance. The 1982 Camaro and Firebird with the V8 engines left the factory with this resonator system. The cars with the LG4 carb engine had it from late 1981 till early 1984. The cars with the LU5 injection engine had it till mid 1983 when they stopped producing the LU5. The L69 H.O. carb engine was available in mid 1983's production year to replace the LU5. The L69 cars had an improved and bigger system with one muffler and 2 tail pipes that also were welded on the muffler by the factory. Today, most replacement Exhaust systems are inspired by the one used on the L69 cars and early 1984 - 1992 cars. The replacements have different sizes from 2.25'' to 2.75'' and can be installed on any 1982 to 1992 Camaro or Firebird. There are many after market brands that also offer 3'' or more in sizes.