Peterbilt 359 Dash Replacement

Have you got a Pete 359 with a cracked dash? Do we have the solution for you! 4 State Trucks, home of the Chrome Shop Mafia has created our own fiberglass replacement dash that is a direct 'bolt in' fit for your 359!! You can finish this fiberglass dash any way you like! The best part is you can save THOUSANDS over buying a plastic dash from a Peterbilt dealer! Got Questions? Give 4 State Trucks a call at 888-875-7787!

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Chrome Shop Mafia's latest 1972 Peterbilt 358 Rebuild (Bob Harley)
Well folks, here she is........... the much anticipated, long awaited, prestigious 1972 PETERBILT 358 that belongs to a "family" member of ours Mr. Bob Harley. This man is so hard core that to prove his love and toughness to his wife, he once ripped a porcelain toilette apart with his bare hands and dang near cut his left hand off just to prove he could............ Needless to say, she got a reconditioned bathroom, and he won her love forever............. He is like this with everything he loves, much like this beauty your about to see on the screen. He loves her so much -- he ripped it apart and put nothing but love and time in it to get it back to fighting weight once again! The outcome is.... Well, you can see for yourself...... a true story of love will unfold before your eyes as this jaw dropping, truck driving inspiration from yesteryear melts your heart. Purple crush is back home tucked in nice and neat under heavy protection. ENJOY!!!

The "Rat Rod" Walkthrough
Bryan "Boss Man" Martin gives a tour of the one-of-a-kind "Rat Rod" truck. This '86 Pete 359 was born in the Junkyard in 2008.

Peterbilt 359 Progress
This is what I started out with and what it is up to now. Lots more to do before its finished.

Castrol's Big Honkin' Truck Makeover - 2007