Nissan 100NX SR20VE the first start

The first start from the new engine. Its alive baby :)

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100NX Meeting 06-06-10 de Meern
100NX Meeting 06-06-10 de Meern

Nissan SR20-DET Block Resurfacing
John Edwards discusses some of the reasons why aluminum blocks require resurfacing and how it's done on the Sunnen HBS-1300 @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine 949.631.6376

Nissan 100nx GTI Exhaust
Nissan 100 NX GTi With not ESD

Nissan 100NX Clifford remote start (Intellistart)
My new remote start feature on my 1994 Nissan 100nx. Clifford G5 Concept 650 MK2