1992 Camaro 3.4L v6 N/A open headers

v6 Camaro open headers

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1994 Chevy Camaro 3.4L V6 w/Flowmaster exhaust
Cars running a bit rough. This a cold start.

1994 v6 camaro 3.4 stroker electric cutout. cammed
this is my buddys 1994 3.4 Camaro stroker camed with electric cutout.3400 hybrid ohv.www.westcoastfbodies.com

3.4L firebird
this firebird is turbocharged

1994 Camaro 3.4L SFI, Foose wheels, dressed engine
This one here is local near me, this guy has came along way with it. and for those who don't like,then please don't comment. he loves this car, like he says its all for fun. And he has done alot to get more zip out of her! it does have a mild cam,headers, lots of performance parts made for 3.4l this car can easy spin the tires for the 6 it is! he wanted to make it show worthy after he bought it. This car has came along way, and by far what he has done has made it alot nicer! original owner was running it into the ground, it had high miles, he went and bought a fresh block, and well just about everything under the hood. This is just one of his rides. but he did his best to make it shine again!