12psi 7000rpm it leaned out a little bit, we will play with air bleeds and head for 15psi

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HQ Monaro 383 SBC Twin Garrett GT42 's turbo s
First fire up with the new Garrett turbo's, new Race-glide and transbrake, just have to finish up some Intercooler piping then back to the Dyno, and down the 1/4 mile soon....

Twin Turbo S10: 815whp 825wtq. burnounts, dyno, walkaround.
This truck is one we did final assembly on and tuned it on our Dyno. It features a wrench rat twin turbo setup on a 383 stroker Blueprint crate engine. Its controlled by F.A.S.T. XFI on a crank trigger. Using pump gas and meth injection we reached 815whp and 825wtq on 15PSI.

Turbo 383 LSX Fox Mustang vs. Low 9 Sec 67 GT500
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87 Iroc-Z 383 LT1 single 74mm T6 turbo
383 LT1 LE2 Heads Custom Log Manifold Setup Garrett T6 74mm turbo 7-8psi Race was against a 93 Notch, Built/Boosted.