Wheeler Dealers - Porsche 944

Edd China vertelt je alle ins en outs van de Porsche 944.

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Wheeler Dealers S06E04 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo Part 2
Work Completed: Engine management computer retuned from 235 bhp to 266 bhp, rollcage added, shock absorbers and brake pads upgraded, Sparco racing seats with four-point harnesses installed, added second set of wheels for racing, which were painted orange, removed sound deadening fabric and CD changer. Notes: Acquired through eBay. Converted to track-ready vehicle and brought to Porsche test track. Mike particularly hated the orange colour Edd chose for the racing wheels.[2]

Porsche 944 restoration
oppussing av ein porsche 944.

BMW 840Ci_Wheeler Dealers_ Part.2/5
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1984 Porsche 944
My buddy just bought a 1984 Porsche 944. It is his first 2 door car and his first standard, thank goodness the tranny is rebuilt and it has a new clutch.Adrian sold his truck to buy this car. Watch the Big Dodge Doing Donuts video to see his lifted 02 Ram 1500.