bmw 330ci

bmw 330ci

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BMW 330Ci M Sport Coupe'
This is my new 2002 BMW 330ci M Sport. Carbon black, harman/kardon, bilstein suspension. Full factory options. Most that i love about this car is that you dont have to race it to enjoy it :)

Circuit du laquais en BMW 330Ci SMG
Petit tour sur le circuit du Laquais (38) en BMW 330Ci SMG-c

Dodge ACR SRT4 vs. BMW E36 M3 vs. VQ35 Nissan Maxima
RSX chase car Mods are unknown, I know the Maxima has headers and a cutout. I think the M3 has a bit of weight reduction, not sure on power mods and the SRT4 claims stock but I think it has a tune or something at least maybe WGA/BC combo.

Oman BMW 330CI By zigy
oman car