Anthony Bilic vs John Ferguson Powercruise Sydney 2012

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DEADLI CRASH Powercruise 35 (Part 1)
The little gemini hit the wall in the powerskid at powercruise 35 at eastern creek, sydney. The rear bumper just nicked the wall. He rips a nice burnout at the end. Check out part 2 for the damage

Powercruise Sydney 2012 - DATSXY - SR20 Datsun 1600 (510) Dyno winner 4 years running!
DATSXY - our lil datto pulling 532HP on the Dyno - Powercruise 2012 At Eastern Creek Raceway. A voltage issue saw it run about 100HP shy of it's potential. But this was still enough for Mark to secure the win in the 4cyl blown class. That's 4 years in a row now!

Powercruise sydney 2012 S14 200SX
This video was taken at powercruise #35 at sydney's eastern creek raceway. Taken early sunday morning on one of the first cruise sessions. The car is a mates 270kw s14 series 2

HSV GRANGE BANNED Powercruise 35 Sydney 2012
How to get banned from powercuise...