Cumberland MD 8-18-07 Autocross, 1969 Cougar

Decided to run my 1969 Mercury Cougar in a local autocross. Street tires, factory M code 351W, FMX trans and Flowmasters. Won CSP that day. (Only car in the class, so not too hard)

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Goodguys Pleasanton 2013 1968 Cougar AutoCross
1968 Mercury Cougar running the autocross

In 1968 cougar at track 13.00 ET's at 108mph
having fun in the cougar specs- 351w,450hp,3.00:1 gears, 13.00 ET's at 108mph

1/4 mile pass in my 1969 cougar from the outside
Ran a 12.08 at 113 at Houston Raceway Park on this run. I hit the wall in this lane two seasons prior, same race.

Mustang Spin, Cumberland MD Autocross
Ken in his very fast blown Mustang pushes it just a little to hard in one of our Friday night shootouts. 8-15-08