Mikes New 1974 MG B-GT

Mike's work helped mike out with getting this beast, and he's been putting a good deal of work into the thing. Painting alot of the stuff to look nice, about 3 or 4 fuel pumps now if i remember right.

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Trying to start the Field MG B-GT
At the engine i thought the battery died, but it turned out that the engine seriously won't spin anymore... Nothing happened, it didn't stop mid-crank or anything. i just stopped cranking it, then it wouldn't move anymore. Tried pulling it in gear, and it still wouldn't spin. So... Yeah. Engine randomly locked up. Didn't make any squeaky sounds, or anything that would indicate this would happen... Tried a few different days to mess with it. Took the starter out, made sure it wasn't stuck on the flywheel. So yeah... Theres a theory floating around that maybe a valve is stuck open, and the piston is up against it, and can't move past... Could be true. I lost motivation :)

150$ 1974 MG B-GT
Hey, couldn't pass it up. Hasn't ran since 1988 when it was parked in the lady's driveway, 12 years after she bought it brand new. :)

1982 Honda Xl185S
Finally got one of these pigs! haha! Sean spotted it across from where he was working. And damn, things got a great engine in it. Loving it. Still running real strong. Seems to be a 16HP beast. Over the ATC185'S de-tuned version of the engine which i'm guessing is between 11-12hp. Being that the 200S is 13 with lower compression still. Yeah man, loving this beast.

1st '88 Ramcharger Romp
Got mike to give it to it a bit. :) Front axle wasn't engaging, so this was all 2wd. Also, by the way, i was joking about trying reverse when mike was stuck. that was a call back to when I took the 81 4wd toyota pickup down there, and got stuck, and as a joke, in that video, drew said the same thing. 2004 maybe? could maybe even have been 2003. Thats back when the new area was actually still kinda new. Here's the video, and you might even notice some similar tires on that beast :) These were actually the old 2 Cooper discover AT's, back in 2002 or 2003 i bought those 2 from youngbroder. he wanted to keep the other 2 though, because they were on his firwood truck... haha, which turned out to be the Jeep pickup truck from the last video. The pickup i got for free last year when he moved. So i finally got the OTHER 2 coopers, and put them on my ramcharger :) haha, only took 13 years or so, but finally got em all. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubKKyQmyag0