How to Restore Faded Plastic Motorcycle Fenders (For free)

How to fix a faded or discolored motorcycle dirt bike fender or body panel using household items. This procedure made my bike look 100% better.

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Polishing Motorcycle Plastic Tricks
Colored motorcycle plastic prep and polish

The Secrets To Restoring Dirt Bike Parts
First Video of KX250F Cleaning: Don't miss a thing! Subscribe Now! The lengthy process of cleaning continues with this KX250F. These parts are turning out great! -Cameron KX250F Video 1: KX250F Video 2: KX250F Video 3: KX250F Video 5: _______________________ ReVive Moto: My Favorite Products: Facebook: Instagram: _______________________ Tools I Use Scissor Lift: Dewalt Impact Driver: Tire Levers: Spoke Wrench: Tire Change Stand: Wheel Truing Stand: Crankcase Splitter: Torque Wrench: Impact Screwdriver: Bearing Puller: _______________________ Cleaning Supplies Aluminum Cleaner: Degreaser: Spray Bottle: Denture Brush: Acid Brush: Big Brush: Scuff Pad: Wire Brush: Parts Washer Brush: Tube Brush: _______________________ Camera Equipment Canon 80D: Flexible Tripod: Tripod: _______________________ Music Track: BULLETZ 2 BEATZ - EPIC BATTLE TRAP BEAT Music provided by ƁƝƁ Productions Link: Chaotix - State of Elevation _______________________ Looking for a way to support the channel? Use the affiliate links below to make your purchases on eBay or Amazon. Amazon Affiliate Link: eBay Affiliate Link:

How To Properly Restore Motorcycle Plastic
I sell the polishing pads needed to perform this work! Find me on Facebook and PM me. I will put a lot of myths about plastic restoration to rest in this video. This part took me about 4 hours to restore, and there really are not any shortcuts that work. I have purchase hundreds of dollars worth of polishing compounds and tools, but the item you will see in this video have been the most reliable I found.

how to make a diy soda blaster for motorcycle carburetor injector and throttle body cleaning
Get your Ichiban Tee ! here is how to make a diy soda blaster for cleaning carbs, injectors, throttle bodies and small motorcycle parts . Works bad ass, every motorcycle owner should have one ! note: PSI means- "Pumpstrokes Squirted In " :) Send me mail! - whenever there is enough stuff in the mail bag to put together a subscriber mail reading and shout-out, I will put up a video for you guys! Thanks to those of you who already sent me letters and gifts ! Send me stuff to use in videos ! Yes- I actually do send stickers out to those who contribute bits, parts, stuff for my projects and pretty much everyone who I talk about or thank in my videos. If you want to send me bike stuff, things for potential use in videos or tools to review etc. (or even just cash donations ! ) mail them to me: Ichiban Moto PO Box 1362 Highland Park, IL 60035 USA Yes- you can just buy Ichiban Moto stickers - they are on ebay ! Stickers and donations are how I fund these videos !