1975 Chevrolet Vega Drag Racing Car 1

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1975 Chevrolet Vega Drag Racing Car 2

Grudge Race: N/T Vega "Bill Cosby" vs Mr. Peanut Big Tire Camaro
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1972 vega small block 434 race car
montgomery motorsports park 2-26-11

Camaro vs Vega Wagon (NO PREP)
Camaro vs Vega Wagon (NO PREP....Scott Taylor (Camaro) vs Donnie Thing (Vega Wagon),,,this was a no prep street race at Hub City when....Street Racin Haven challenged Hub....that damn vega wagon was flying he pulled the chute on scott at the end that is how fast he was flying video recorded by Drag Racing Dirty South Style u can check us out on facebook and give us a like www.facebook,com/dragracingdirtysouthstyle