Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Plant Tour

Visit Us at: - Lets Talk Wheels travels to Montgomery Alabama and the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing facility where they build the popular Elantra and Sonata models. Once you watch this interesting video, I know you will want to take the free tour. Just call 334-387-8019 and make a reservation. Narration by: Mike Herzing Videography by: Lynn David Cole

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Hyundai | Manufacturing Plant - India
India is a vibrant country where Gods and people co-exist. Chennai is a harbor city situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Hyundai sparked a revolutionary change for the better to an area, which virtually had no industrial infrastructure. There were collaborative ventures with partner companies for shared opportunities and success. The Indian automotive industry flourished through Hyundai’s relentless drive. The plant provided high productivity through unique innovative production process. The engine shop of this plant is the world’s first petrol and diesel combined engine production. The press shop includes a press line for forming body panels. The body shop works on an automated process with the world’s fastest assembly speed. The paint shop uses eco-friendly water soluble paint for their painting process. The assembly shop includes a JIT production system achieving low cost high efficiency. It also includes integrated info system for engine, transmission and other key parts. Once the vehicle goes through these processes it is meticulously inspected to assure highest quality. These cars are divided into strategically localized models recognized as the ‘people’s car’. They also have 2 test tracks with various simulated real road conditions. These cars are then sent to the distribution centre. Hyundai also has a nature park named The Farm house, which is a park that symbolizes human-centric and eco-friendly management practice. Volunteered traffic control service supporting the local community. Hyundai also contributes towards the local children by donating school furniture.

Hyundai - Visitamos la fábrica en Corea
Ezequiel Daray nos introduce en la cultura Coreana y nos muestra los adelantos tecnológicos de ese país visitando la fábrica Hyundai. Además un auto Hyundai ecológico.

Hyundai,kia motors south korea domestic plant
It is a pr movie about korea domestic plant I'm sorry because sorento manufactured in hwasung plant not Gwanju. and picanto manufactured in Donghee Auto not in Hwasung.

2018 Mercedes S-class Production
2018 Mercedes S-class Production. Production with future-oriented industry 4.0 solutions. The start of production for the new and fundamentally updated S-Class brings the introduction of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions in the assembly area. “Within our global production network, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen is the centre of competence for upper-range and luxury-class vehicles. Within the production of the new S-Class, we combine the advantages of Industry 4.0 methods with the expertise and cognitive skills of our employees. The manufacturing of a perfect Mercedes-Benz S-Class depends on high-tech methods, but most importantly, upon the commitment and passion of our employees. We see evidence of that every day here in Sindelfingen,” says Michael Bauer, site manager and head of production at the Mercedes-Benz plant Sindelfingen. Close integration with sophisticated IT systems and communication technology results in the optimisation of the flow of materials, further improved flexibility and efficiency, and enhanced ergonomics for the workforce. Examples of this are: State-of-the-art data transmission and the very latest hardware solutions, combined under the heading of "paperless factory", now replace paper documentation. Screens provide staff with the information they need about the specifications of each individual vehicle. Additional mobile devices such as tablets, mini PCs and smart PDAs support the employees during each step of the work process. An innovative tracking system detects vehicles in a virtual image of the factory in real time. Mounted transmitters can accurately identify the position of the vehicles on the assembly line and can exchange data with devices such as wireless Wi-Fi screwdrivers. This enables for example the electronic documentation of data, such as the torque, for quality assurance. The flexible delivery of small-load carriers to the production line is ensured by a system known as FLOW (Flexible Logistics Optimised Warehouse). This new driverless picking system provides the supply of materials to the production line as and when they are needed. The whole system is currently part of a pilot test that aims to validate the system for series production for the new S-Class. The small-load carriers are transported autonomously around the shop floor via a guidance system with reference magnets embedded in the hall floor and can be automatically allocated to any specific storage shelf. Safety is paramount at all times: the driverless picking system is equipped with laser scanners for safety, which prevent potential collisions. The delivery of components for the interior and engine compartment demands lean and efficient processes. More than 500 different items must be delivered punctually to the assembly line. The filling of the so-called 'shopping basket' represents the interface to the logistics area. It is pre-selected with all necessary parts and components required to fulfil the specific customer order and then delivered directly and completely automatically to the line, negating the need to keep materials stored on shelves. This creates more space around the assembly lines, reduces walking distances and keeps the workstations tidier and more ergonomic for the workforce. Whether the specific model is a Saloon with long or short wheelbases, a Mercedes-Maybach or a Coupé or Cabriolet: all variants of this luxury car are produced on one line. VaMoS (Variables Montagesystem, or Variable Assembly System) is a new, variable assembly system. VaMoS is comprised of mobile platforms which are synchronised with the production line to carry a worker and his or her tools alongside the vehicle being produced. The technology, developed by Daimler, is not only responsible for improving the ergonomics of the task, but can also reduce manufacturing time and the time spent by the worker to get from one job to the next. A recent addition helping to improve the ergonomics for the workforce working on the S-Class production line is the so-called ErgoSkid. This fully automatic device raises the vehicles on the assembly line by 26 centimetres and then lowers them again. Employees working on the installation of the cable harnesses for the floor assembly are able to benefit from this ergonomic improvement. The ErgoSkid is used exclusively in Mercedes-Benz production facilities around the world. In the S-Class production line the automatic assembly of seal plugs is currently tested: an intelligent lightweight robot takes on the task of inserting the plugs in the underbody. Until now this was completed bystaff having to perform overhead work on the vehicle. In the future, this robotic solution will be used in the production line for a range of Mercedes-Benz models and will thus make things easier for the workforce.