http://www.fourthway.us/mileage.html Vehicle specific modification assistance, from the author. Verification of quadruple MPG: http://www.peswiki.com/index.php/Article:Truth_About_Acetone_and_Ethanol#Sept._4.2C_08.__400.25_EPA_MPG_Accomplished

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Pat Barber shows us a 120mpg 4x4

Acetone/Xylene for better MPG tested
An unscientific test showing that the use of 3 ounces of acetone plus 3 ounces of xylene in 12.5 gallons of gasoline does nothing to improve fuel mileage.

Local Man Offers Gas Pump Tricks
Tierney Cook talks to a man who can show Oklahomans how to save a few coins at the gas pump.

No 75 Miles per gallon Cars allowed in the USA by TPTB, we build them and send them overseas!
The energy barons war mongers and central bankers will not allow high mileage cars in the USA, because it ensure our slavery to their high priced fuels, war for oil (fake terrorism war) and all of the slave usery interests charged on this racketeering by the central bankers who finance the slave racket! Free Energy and Free Thinking http://www.feandft.com Robert Arnett Otey Mirrored 4-30-2012 from this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBnlXGvA1Wk