ROBS 2005 SALEEN supercharged / Osborne Motoring

joyridin after install! #osbornemotoring

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Supercharged 2005 Mustang
Caliber Customs Built 2005 Mustang GT

Nissan GTRs - Saleen Mustang - Blacked Out Ferrari 360 - Leaving CC Irvine
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Saleen S7 Ride and Accelerations
BrianZuk goes for a quick ride in a Stunning Lizstick Red Saleen S7 and records some out of car accelerations as well. Video shows the exterior, interior, engine, and in car footage of the S7. Unfortunately there were cops everywhere, who just eariler pulled over the Gallardo Spyder and R8s from my previous vids, so the driver had to be very cautious. Thanks again to the owner :) BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

2005 Saleen Mustang With Straight Pipes Exhuast Vid
This is an old video of my car that I had to take for court (haha) and it was when I had striaght pipes on the car. They sounded nice until a certain RPM then it just got really obnoxious. Going back to something similar but more tuned.