ROBS 2005 SALEEN supercharged / Osborne Motoring

joyridin after install! #osbornemotoring

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Gotta Have It TV - Saleen Mustang
Gotta Have It TV brings you the best in big boy toys. You think the Ford Mustang is bad, just wait until Saleen gets their hands on it. Produced by SteeleBoy Production

2006 Saleen cammed, slammed and blown
2006 Saleen...just half throttle through a few gears Mods: 2006 Saleen -Saleen Supercharger ported by Techco -full Exhaust -Comp SPR stage II cams -Beehive Valve springs -Steel Retainers -Comp limiters -Hurst STS -3.6" pulley on Supercharger -488rwhp @ 6.5psi

Robs SALEEN cammed & blown Osborne Motoring
Robs 2005 SALEEN Cams Supercharged And then some... #OsborneMotoring