High rail Lego Unimog running on track

I added a drive motor to the Lego Technic Unimog set. I then built front and rear high rail attachments that ride on 4.75" gauge track.

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LEGO Technic disengageable Cableway 1 - Test bench
First part of a PFS desengageable cableway system using one cable and controled by a NXT brick. This part concern a test bench.

Lego 8110 - Technic Unimog U400 - Motion
Lego 42009 Crane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AA1eVnNd58 Zusammenbau vom Lego 8110 Technic Unimog U400 in Zeitraffer. Assembly the Lego 8110 Technic Unimog U400 in motion.

Lego technic garbage truck
camion poubelle comprenant 2 moteurs M, 3 interrupteurs et 7 verins pneumatiques. construit pour un concours sur le forum de setechnic.com. J'espère qu'il vous plaira ;)

Unimog 404 Doka Conversion - Time Lapse
This is a conversion I performed to my 1961 Unimog 404. This truck was a Radio Truck only a month ago. The conversion was performed in one week of work, approximately 100 hours. I modelled the Doka framework off photos of the original 404 Doka photos I could find and added additional structural reinforcements where necessary. The cab is approximately 8-9" longer than the original Doka to provide more comfort/legroom for the rear passengers. I hope you all enjoy seeing this build as much as I have enjoyed building it.