Dodge Neon SRT-4 dyno: 278 hp 300 tq presents: "Mopar or Nocar" Dyno event by

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Dodge Neon SRT-4 dyno: 305 hp 372 tq presents: "Mopar or Nocar" Dyno event by

2005 SRT-4 EF1 Turbo / E85
A quick video of my srt-4, still slow, needs more fuel. At 85-90% IDC at only 20psi at redline, WG duty cycle is only 54%. Lots of room for more power with more fuel. This is the 2nd SRT I've owned, this one needs a good amount of TLC but she will be a beast one day! Hoping to have it ready to get kicked off the track in march for not having a cage when it runs under 11.49! Video is with Ecsta ASX all seasons, 235/45/17 Looking forward to the comments and trolls :)

part 2 a look at my 300hp SRT-4

SRT4 6262 dyno tune, 776whp
AEM EMS, E70 Fuel, 32psi. Car trapped 143 with 600whp, can't wait to see what it does now.