Real Street Drags (RSD) at Wisconsin International Raceway - Raw footage

8/02/13 RSD at WIR highlights 8-2-13 Real Street Drags (RSD) at Wisconsin International Raceway (WIR) Find us on Facebook for more videos:

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Drag Racing 2017 at Wisconsin International Raceway Tech Inspection and Practice Day 2017
This is a video I took on Saturday April 22nd 2017 of the Tech Inspection and practice drag racing day at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. This is basically the opening day of the drag strip and isn't really a race day but just people taking the cars out for the first time after a long winter. The weather was awesome (60 degrees) and so a ton of people came out for this event. Most years it is either super cold yet or still snowing a bit around this time, so the nice weather was a welcoming change. This video opens up with a twin turbo 5th Gen Camaro with over 500hp going down the drag strip for the first time and getting into the 11's on a sketchy no prepped track. The 1968 Mustang that he was racing broke the driveshaft right before the finish line and was beating up the driveshaft loop and the ground at a high rate of speed. Glad there was no accident or injury because of this, nightmare situation. Next is my friend Showboat Shane and his twin turbo 1937 pickup truck. This season he is going to be running with the Chicagoland Super Stocks at various tracks around the Mid-West this summer. He was getting some practice runs on the truck and when I talked to him he said the prep on the track was not even close enough to get any kind of good wheelie. I will be out filming again on May 5th and with get some good video of this truck and try to use my new 360fly camera on the inside of the truck. Next looks to be a green 1956 gasser class 2 door sedan. Great looking car that rips out an 11 second pass. Next is an orange 4 eyed Mustang going up against a Buick Regal. Nice 14 second pass for the Mustang. Next is a 1968 Camaro that will be running with the Great Lakes DoorSlammers this summer. Pulls a nice wheelie off the line on his way to a low 9 second pass. Next is a 3rd gen Camaro against a Cornet or RoadRunner. The Camaro pulls off a low 9 second run. Next is a sweet Olds Omega with the custom paint job from the late 70's or early 80's. This car layed down a nice 14 second pass. Next up is a old Farm Truck Ford F100 with an Iron head 390 block that pulls an awesome wheelie off the line. I posted a clip of this truck on Facebook and people are going nuts over it. Awesome truck and I will do a more in-depth video of it next week at the track. The Ford Truck ran in the 11 second range. Next up is one of those less desired years of Ford Mustangs which is the Mustang II running between 1974 and 1978, I don't have a clue which year this one is and it doesn't really matter because it is just awesome. It has a wild paint job and a massive all chrome motor and roots style blower sticking out of the hood. It is pretty cool to see the butterflies open up when he stabs the throttle and he must have got loose a bit because he backed off and then got back into it. It is wild to see him catch up to the Buick Skylark right at the finish line after having such a sluggish run to begin with. After this there is just some more of the same cars I just talked about making second passes. Thanks for watching! Tom Eight

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