Dodge Omni Shelby

Dodge Omnin Shelby

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Dodge Omni GLH Ready to Go!
All ready to set out on the first serious trip in the car. We took it a little over 100MI today with no issues.

The 1986/1987 Shelby GLHS vehicles
Kazzer introduces the long overlooked low budget performance sports cars from Caroll Shelbys Chrysler turbo days, the 1986 Shelby GLHS (sedan) and the 1987 Shelby GLHS (coupe) These weren't just Shelby stickered up Chryslers, the GLHS series of cars were taken to Shelbys Whittier CA skunkworks facility where the performance was bumped up all around and limited editions were made.. 1986 GLHS's = 500 total 1987 GLHS's - 1,000 total

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1989 dodge daytona shelby 2.2 turbo
My daytona not original motor has the shelby charger motor in it and no turbo currently 2.5in straight pipe headers back