Another night of racing in the Mississippi mud! Randy Roberts runs a 2.3 in Unpredicatable. Kevin Dossett & WIll Fauver tear it up in the skulls n crossbones. Larry & Ben laying down some times in Taz 3. Woo is setting the mud on fire driving Lil Feller in the big hole. Joe Wicker makes his debut in the new ride!

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Hamilton 2011
Mud racing at Hamilton, MO For more information about mud race in Hamilton Missouri check out

soggy bottom mud bog!!
went to the last race for this year @ soggy bottom mud bog in stateline MS! woo driving lil feller put on a show with his crazy wheelstands!!

HighLifter Mud Nationals 2014
Here's a bit of my awesome trip to Mud Nationals. Huge thanks to Dakotah Klein for haulin my but around and showing me the sights. Don't forget to like comment and subscribe to my channel if you like the vid. Remember to check out for all your Can am needs

soggy bottom mudd bogg may 2012
a FAST CRAZY WHEEL STANDING night @ SOGGY BOTTOM MUD BOGG!!!!!! if you liked lil feller pullin that insane wheelie check out there channel click the link!!!! check our facebook page for the pictures of this event.