GoPro Chevrolet Monza Drag Racing

GoPro camera on board Chevrolet Monza 9.80 quarter mile 137 mph at New England Dragway

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Chevy Monza Drag Race
1/8 Mile May 2 2015

8 sec in car view chev monza drag racing

GoPro Onboard Drag Race
***Skip to 1:45 1/8 mile US 60 Dragway 6.50s @104 mph 78 Chevy Malibu. Class: Bracket 1/ Super Pro Driver: Cody Field, age 19

GoPro HD Drag Racing In Car- 68 Firebird @ Night of Fire Event
GoPro HD Camera captures Michael Skyberg running a 7.06 @ 99.85 mph at Eddyville's Night of Fire