honda accord 98 on dyno + air intake + exhaust

98 on Dyno around 170 hp

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Vinhs 98 Accord exhaust vid
Nothing special, Just a lowered 4cyl Auto Honda. 2.25 from cat back to fart can. What you guys dont know is that mini van was a 2JZ 1000hp powered beast. LOLZ and more pics of the car:

Seafoam 98 honda accord
in this video, you are going to see the procedure of inserting seafoam to a 98 honda accord. we will be breaking down to the following 1/3 for each. gas tank, engine case, and brake Booster I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

8th gen accord coupe V6 megan exhaust
Stock resonators deleted. 2.5" pipe from cat back to megan racing mufflers.

Honda Accord 2014 Stock Exhaust vs Custom Exhaust
I replaced my stock Exhaust and changed it to a custom catback one. The Exhaust is now 2.5" and exiting in 2 1/4".