1969 Corvette L71/L89 vs 1970 Hemi Cuda

427 auto vs 426 auto

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Big-Block Hemi-Cuda - Wheelspin
For pictures, see: http://wildpantera.com ... we had 20 mins to shoot this vid before the sun went down, it was done on my mate's Canon 5D MKII, and it was just a test, its the first time he filmed something moving and there are focus issues etc, and so now we have sussed out what we need to do for next time, so stay tuned for a really cool video coming soon .... you can watch this in HD .... (Disclaimer: this was not filmed on a public road ...)

1967 Plymouth Barracuda Hi-Po 340 4-speed action.
We cruise our high performance '67 Plymouth 340 Barracuda Fastback, enjoy!

1969 Corvette L88 vs 1969 Corvette L89/L71
427 auto 4.56 vs 427 auto 4.56

1970 GTO Judge vs 1970 Camaro
400 4speed vs 396 auto