Dodge Viper GTS Race Car

Here's an aggressive Viper GTS Race Car that I filmed at the June 2010 NASA racing weekend at Road Atlanta. This video is dedicated to all of my subscribers; I'd like to thank you all for helping me obtain 800 subs!! Enjoy the V10 sound!

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Dodge Viper GTS-R GT1 DVB Racing at Spa Francorchamps
Here s my new Video fo the DVB Racing Dodge Viper GTS-R at Spa Francorchamps. The Video content many different scenes and parts of the Circuit Spa Francorchamps. Hier ist mein neues Video der DVB Dodge Viper GTS-R in Spa Francorchamps. Dieses Video beinhaltet jetzt fast alle Passagen der Strecke Spa Francorchamps. Like us on: RF 1993 Sportscars Racing Videos

Dodge Viper GTS-R - Daniel Schrey - 42. Osnabrücker Bergrennen 2009
Dodge Viper GT-R - Daniel Schrey - 42. Osnabrücker Bergrennen 2009

Time to savor the look, feel, and details that make the American Le Mans Series SRT Viper racecar a fan favorite, a formidable competitor, and just so damned cool. For the details behind the SRT Viper racecar / team / program, go to - RUSH, the Formula 1 film about Nikki Lauda and James Hunt

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs. Dodge Viper - Comparison Test - CAR and DRIVER
The Rematch: In a previous comparo, The Corvette beat the Viper. See if the latest and greatest Dodge Viper can settle the score. 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 vs. 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Comparison Test rolet-corvette-z06-comparison-tests