2006 Pontiac GTO electric cutouts

My friend just installed Electric cutouts into his GTO.

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05 GTO vs Turbo integra
Some computer generated action in mexico.

Goat Run 2010 Best Exhaust
Just a friendly competition for the best sounding Exhaust for Goat Run 2010 Vegas. The car with the Blue tape Won FYI

GTO Nightmare
Final cut of the GTO video. Missed out on a few shots such as the big burnout due to weather constraints. I think it came out pretty well though. Enjoy! Be sure to comment. 2005 Pontiac GTO Cold Air Intake Kooks Muffler Deletes Throttle Body Spacer Audio - Tracks utilized, in order, include: "Dub Step Remix" Scott Cupp is a film and TV composer in the late 80's and early 90's he was a well known studio keyboardist and has worked with a lot of major groups like, Whitesnake, Ozzy, and Guns N Roses along with others. If you are interested in purchasing tracks, Scott can be reached at scottcupp07@AOL.com. He makes quality tracks at affordable rates!

Ford Raptor Quick Time Electric Cutout
Ford VelociRaptor with Quick Time Performance Electric Cutout 3" Electric Exhaust Cutout- Part # QTEC30 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust Cutout-Part # 10300 3" Turn Down Part #11300 Wireless Remotes Part #10900 For More Info go to:http://www.quicktimeperformance.com/