Pt 1/2: BMW E46 3 Series '98-2006 - iPod / iPhone Kit - Mediabridge (now Soundplicity) Install Guide | Part 1/2. This video covers the complete process for installing a DICE Mediabridge (now Soundplicity) and Bluetooth Microphone in an E46 3 Series BMW (other late model BMWs are similar but we release specific videos all the time). Simple to install these kits provide iPod/iPhone connectivity, Bluetooth voice and music streaming, USB input, Aux Input and Satellite Radio (in the case of the DUO, iPhone/iPod and Sat Radio Only) in your 3 Series or M3.

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BAVSOUND Stage One - Mini Cooper (R-Chassis) Speaker Upgrade - Front Soundstage Installation Video Improve your Mini Cooper audio sound quality simply and effectively with these Plug & Play Bavsound speakers! This video describes the complete procedure for removing factory speakers in any 2007 or newer Mini Cooper and replacing them with Bavsound's STAGE I factory speaker upgrade kit for dramatically improved audio clarity and depth.

Bavsound 31 Piece Vehicle Interior Disassembly Tool Kit Product Video

BAVSOUND BMW Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Replacement Guide 2017 Version
NOTE: If your vehicles OEM Subwoofer housing does not have a pre-applied gasket, you must install the included gasket as shown in the following video: The torque setting for the four T50 seat bolts its 45 Ft/Lbs. to replace your BMW Base, HiFi, or Harman Kardon (Logic 7, Premium) front Underseat Woofers for clean, tight, accurate and punchy bass response? Let Bavsound take you on a journey to phenomenal bass response with this remarkable installation guide which shows you just how easy and plug & play this replacement woofer set really is! In an hour or less you can transform the bass frequency spectrum in your late-model BMW!

Bavsound GHOST Subwoofer Gasket Installation Process