Citreon Saxo vtr with kam racing exhaust

Standard vtr manifold,kam straight center section,kam back box

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Saxo UF Turbo
um pequeno teste 15/10/2010

citroen saxo racing(backets,llantas,volante desplazado...)
El proceso de mi coche

Citroen Saxo VTS Scorpion Saxsport decat exhaust sound test 2 LOUD
Miss this car. Full progress thread from start to finish on I no longer own this car, however I own copyright to the video and made it what it was. [Please note] I do not consent to hot linking this video to sell any of the products used on the car on ANY website. Forum use only ;) If you wish to contact me regarding the video PM me or @Jamie_Myers for twitter. Remember to like it :P

Peugeot 106 GTi Group N KAM Racing Exhaust sound 4K Quality!
Peugeot 106 GTi Group N KAM Racing Exhaust sound de-cat 4K Quality! Ultra HD 4K Peugeot sport GTi rallye sport ouragan kam Exhaust racing track car daily