82 regal t top with lt1 350

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1984 Buick Regal with 96 LT1
a work in progress, been at it for about 14 months now, all guts of a 96 impala ss, added a mild cam and headers for now, first start up

Cutlass lt1 & Monte Carlo ss
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OSC's GTR vs SSI's LT1 Regal ($$ Race)
A clip of OSC's GTR on street tires vs SSI's 396LT1 Regal on full slicks ON MOTOR. Cee spun a lot and the regal fell on its face at the 2:03 mark rematch coming soon with the Regal on spray and OSC on his R888 tires! subscribe for more and enjoy the vid!! Song name: Levels (Skrillex Remix) -Avicii (ALL CLIPS ARE 100% COMPUTER GENERATED)

FOR SALE $2000 1980 regal walk around then launch / burnout sideways
my regal after a motor swap. still running a sbc 355 patriot heads,rpm airgap intake,600 cfm holley and scorpion 1.6 rockers make .490/.512 lift. it has a TH-350 trans going to 373 gears in the back. im hoping to get 13's in the 1/4 , high12's if i can hook up!!! Dale....ya better get that fogger plate before we go to U.S 41.