Police Officer's Civil Rights Suit Against State Troopers for Misconduct During Traffic Stop

http://www.appellate-brief.com In 2005, civil rights attorney Susan Chana Lask was the only attorney who would file a civil rights suit for New Jersey Police Detective Gary Wade against State Troopers caught on video holding a gun to him, using excessive force and pepper spraying him during a routine car stop. Despite Mr. Wade losing his job as a detective because his police chief claimed that he was at fault and he was criminally charged, Ms. Lask filed the civil rights suit because no one determined if his civil rights were violated. After extensive pre-trial litigation conducted by Ms. Lask, including depositions of the State Troopers, in 2009 a jury found the State Troopers conduct was wrong and awarded Mr. Wade millions.

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Justin Hopson's Story: One Man's War Against Police Corruption
Award Winning Author: www.justinhopson.com A true story about an ordinary cop with an extraordinary cause! Rookie New Jersey State Trooper, Justin Hopson blew the whistle on police corruption and the notorious "Lords of Discipline," sparking the largest internal investigation in State Police history.

Watch the Pennsylvania State Shrubbery Police!
The Pennsylvania State Police can't be bothered to show up when people are assaulted, shot at, or hit by shot, but they are on the spot in a hurry when a pigeon shooting host makes a bogus complaint about shrubs being cut.

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Police chase a stolen van in South Los Angeles, California. The suspect crashes into a multiple cars during the dangerous pursuit including a LAPD patrol car. The suspect jumps out and runs after spike strips disable the white cargo van.

WA State Trooper Tries To Break My Camera
August 30, 2012 - I figured I would start the day off right, with a good hour of waving at traffic on an I-5 overpass with my Investigate 9/11/01 banner... Within that hour, "John Davis" from the Washington State Department of Transportation cut my sign down and threatened to call the police, the Washington State Patrol showed up with 3 cars of public servants to tell me that I was a danger to the drivers, one trooper managed to knock my camera onto the ground, and after the excitement I was tailed by a nosy Olympia Policeman... If this isn't a police state I don't know what is.... The worst part about it to me is that there are people waiving political signs, support the troop signs, or American flags from the same overpass almost everyday, and as soon as I show up with an "Investigate 9/11/01" banner the cops show up... Do you think they would do this if 100 people were standing on the overpass waiving signs? Investigate 9/11 for yourself! We were lied to. Don't fall for the next false flag terror attack. http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20041221155307646 http://www.ae911truth.org/ http://patriotsquestion911.com/ Check out The Sound of Freedom on www.oriontalkradio.com live Mon - Fri 4-6 pst