Police Officer's Civil Rights Suit Against State Troopers for Misconduct During Traffic Stop

http://www.appellate-brief.com In 2005, civil rights attorney Susan Chana Lask was the only attorney who would file a civil rights suit for New Jersey Police Detective Gary Wade against State Troopers caught on video holding a gun to him, using excessive force and pepper spraying him during a routine car stop. Despite Mr. Wade losing his job as a detective because his police chief claimed that he was at fault and he was criminally charged, Ms. Lask filed the civil rights suit because no one determined if his civil rights were violated. After extensive pre-trial litigation conducted by Ms. Lask, including depositions of the State Troopers, in 2009 a jury found the State Troopers conduct was wrong and awarded Mr. Wade millions.

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Nassau County Police Brutality District Attorney Misconduct
Nassau County Police Brutality and Nassau County District Attorney cover up and criminal misconduct - Disgrace of the Nassau County judicial system in Nassau County citizen civil rights and due process violations under the 4th, 6th, and 14th amendments of The United States Constitution - Take the time to read the full story of an innocent Franklin Square USAF service connected disabled veteran, Vietnam Era, get pulled out of his car at 5pm in Franklin Square two Nassau County police officers and arrested for robbery, then left 100% disabled by the unprovoked attack, beating for over 5 minutes by four police officers during the video, then charged w/ two counts of assaulting police officers, DWI, running a red light, failing to signal, and obstruction of governmental administration. Grand Jury concludes no true bill to assaults after man and fiancee testify at Grand Jury. Rice plays copy of copy edited police video tape leading jury to believe tape is original and arresting officer lies to Grand Jury that man signed refusal form to take DWI test. All charges dismissed, except obstruction charge (misdemeanor) Nassau County District Attorney refuses to turn over vital Brady material and exculpatory evidence in man's defense at trial. 18-B trial lawyer literally puts up no defense at trial w/ available evidence for this defendant after lawyer tells the jury in opening statement, YOU WILL HEAR ALL THE EVIDENCE IN THIS CASE. 18-b lawyer deceitfully rests w/o calling defendant and his fiancee to testify as they did at the Grand Jury and pretrial hearings. Trial judge rules no doctors to testify to injuries, only medical records, no medical records of 100's submitted by defense to jury, D.A. submits all police medical records. Take the time, read the story, too much for this post. Now on appeal w/ ineffective appointed appellate attorney stating points of law are not preserved for review. This disabled veteran needs help to get justice by a real attorney and the public before he loses his rights and points of law for appellate review to the federal standard. Please read the story and help if you can. Visit www.longislandreferral.com for the true story.

Conn. Judge Berates Trooper Following DUI Arrest
A Connecticut judge could face misconduct charges over disparaging comments that she allegedly made to police who arrested her on suspicion of DUI in October. (Jan. 28)

Watch the Pennsylvania State Shrubbery Police!
The Pennsylvania State Police can't be bothered to show up when people are assaulted, shot at, or hit by shot, but they are on the spot in a hurry when a pigeon shooting host makes a bogus complaint about shrubs being cut.

Questionable Traffic Stops Caught On Camera
NewsChannel 5's cameras caught a police stop in progress, and it is now at the center of an internal police investigation