Turbocharged 2002 Monte Carlo SS exhaust cutout

BADMONTESS's shared video file. This is a walk around of my Monte. Just finished having the motor built, still breaking it in. Wanted to post a few clips of it's Exhaust system coming online. Much of the vehicle has been went over. Upgraded suspension,Race grade transmission, and all the details that goes into wanting to get an awesome build. Not yet Dynoed, expect about 580 whp on 91

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No Monte Carlo Like Mine
My 2002 Monte Carlo. Only has 14k on it, and just got the lambo door kits installed. When the video goes dark it was suppose to show both the underglow lights and the strobe lights in the front and back of the car.

2002 Turbocharged Monte Carlo SS test run, Sandy, Utah 001
Car returned to me by the builder, just had new turbocharger installed. ran it around the parking lot a couple passes.

2002 Turbocharged Monte Carlo SS, Cleaned undercarriage and such
Getting the Monte ready for the road. Had it tucked away for the winter months. Cleaned up the undercarriage some, new "Yellowstuff" brake pads, rotors added while it was just sitting there for months..

2002 Turbo Monte Carlo SS dyno run
Dyno of 327 whp and 369 ft-lbs tq. Brian Bossone of Pinks fame did the Dyno for me.