Nissan GTR R35 Autobahn acceleration onboard.mp4

This video shows the acceleration of two Nissan GTR with 580hp (COBB/Novidem tuned) on a German Autobahn with no speed limit. The video gives a realistic impression of how you feel driving fast in Germany. It`s all legal! VBox from Leitspeed - Speedo is GPS

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POV test drive: 2014 Nissan GTR review (140 mph pulls! 680 whp) - What is it like to drive the 2014 Nissan GTR? This beautiful 2014 Nissan GTR is owned by MLB 2013 Rookie of the Year "José Fernández" of the Miami Marlins. Watch a unique POV test drive review taking the 2014 Nissan GTR to 140 miles per hour across a causeway in Tampa Bay and see what it is like to push the limit and be famous! Who tuned it? Mtuned! Note: Special guest and Major League Baseball player José Fernández appears in the video but is NOT driving the car during the 140 MPH POV test drive session! Follow up with us on Facebook: Want to see more POV test drives by the original POV test drive innovator? Visit and check out our running list of unique point of view test drive reviews!

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R35 Nissan GT-R Vmax High Speed Test at Nardo 1
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Nissan Skyline GTR 700HP vs. Suzuki GSX-R 750 - Topspeedbattle -
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR 700HP vs. Suzuki GSX-R 750 K8 in stock condition - Topspeedbattle - on German Autobahn. 1. Run stopped because of traffic. Skyline has one extra passenger inside. The biker was effective really fast up to 270km/h...but dont trust the Suzuki speedo...its not really that accurate...but see yourself. Maybe we will have a rerun with some parts changed or the Boost raised up :) Good run though. Thanks to Marcel