Another in-car X1/9 racing video from Qualcomm

Racing my Fiat X1/9 at Qualcomm -- PIP and in-car video.

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Fiat Hillclimb
A Fiat X1/9 goes uphill at a respectable pace.

Fiat X1-9 Chamber Mod-01.wmv
Here's a look at modification used to increase port flow on a Fiat X1/9 cylinder as performed by John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine. Modifying Fiats is just one of the specialty areas of the shop. (949) 631-6376

SCCA Autocross - SDR Alex X1/9 Run 2
This is my 2nd run during an autocross event on 4/2/2006.

K20 Race head
Ported, flow bench tested, (lightened / deshrouded valves), reshaped chambers, etc.