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Lexus IS200 Night Drive

Lexus IS200 Night Drive


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Is200 v Saxo Vtr
Jordan L & Jake M Showing Use How To drive ;)

lexus IS 200

Lexus IS 200.mp4

2000年 Lexus IS200 晶片鑰匙全丟 無樣配製晶片鑰匙
炎炎夏日到地下室停車場工作,真是一種煎熬,悶熱不通風 環境,考驗我對工作的耐力,我不得不更下點工夫,屏息專 去對抗,希望能減少作戰時間... 這一尊變形金剛Robot Master座落在台中國光路上,去年我拍攝的,不知現在是否還 那邊,想去看的人,沿著國光路找一下,我沒有印象他在那 個點了,希望你能找到它. Lexus及Toyota 主鑰匙的重要性,我一再的提起,因為車主要是遺失了主鑰 ,那回原廠就無法製作晶片鑰匙,他們會叫你換掉整個防 電腦,造成你無法想像的麻煩及無法接受的花費. 萬一鑰匙全部遺失,或只剩下副鑰匙,我也可以幫你製作,只 是會貴了一點,但是總比換整顆防盜盒來得便宜很多. 再重申一次,複製這款晶片鑰匙超快速,有需要這款鑰匙的 人,可以來找我,20分鐘內搞定給你,and這先決條件,你必須 主鑰匙喔! 相關報導 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCPkiGj7dm8 http://blog.xuite.net/rockjoe/twblog http://mypaper.pchome.com.tw/kabaprince http://kabaprince.pixnet.net/blog/2 寶元汽車晶片鑰匙配鎖中心 各種汽車晶片鑰匙複製及無樣配製 店址:台中市烏日區光日路160號 TEL:04-23387867 行動:0920-158767 Skype:rockjoe2 Facebook:卡巴王子(楊明勳)

Remotely backing up a Lexus IS200 by key remote control
Got tired of people parking just too close to your car...So close that you even have trouble opening the door? The answear is here !! Remote start and backing up the car by the click of your key remote !! This is one for all electronic-mod-fans out there :)

Lexus IS200 VS Nissan Primera 1/4mile drag race
Test day run EDRA

Dailly Driving
Just driving Lexus IS200 First Video with my GoPro 3 Silver Edition Speed up 20x Codzienna jazda Lexusem IS200 Pierwszy film krecony kamera GoPro 3 Silver Edition Przyspieszone tempo 20x

Lexus IS200 Reving.
My IS, wich i just put a Lightweight flywheel on, actually a big difference :) IS200 99' Lightweight Flywheel 8½kg(14kg Stock) Complete 2½inch Exhaust with hiflow manifold.

drift lexus is200 Samara

Driving My Lexus IS350 at Night
It's been 3 years and it's still going strong! Now, I'm taking it out for a spin at night.

lexus is200
my mates mint lexus

Insane engine swap: V12 1GZ-FE in a Lexus IS200
Event: International Toyota Treffen 2012 6-8 July A Toyota Century engine in a Lexus IS200 Car is not running perfect Exaust has to be changed to a double 3' exaust, engine can't rev higher then 4500 rpm at the moment and some minor wireing tricks has to be done for the check engine light

Lexus is200 acceleration from 160 to 210 kmh on 6th gear

Lexus IS200 Sports stuck in snow again....
With LSD, traction control and snow driving mode, it's still not getting you anywhere!

Lexus IS200 Top Speed
Lexus IS200 Top Speed

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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