My Engine bay wire tuck and full paint job

We pull my engine to do a full paint job and wire tuck getting ready for simply clean 4 in November Music by : DJ Craze

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Honda Civic tuck and shave pt2
friends 00 ex update.. welds are shaved down, surface primer applied and now we are in the filler and sanding process

My civic ej1 ls vtec build
Just got done with the car did everything on my on. Including full wire tuck but left all oem brake lines.. Please leave a like and comment n tell me what u think.. Thanks.

91' Civic Sedan Shaved and Tucked Bay !! pt1
this video here shows my process of shaving the engine bay. from putting the frame on to welding to filling. primer and rustoleum paint you know it! the welded areas are mostly grind down, re-weld, grind so in the engine it will use as little filler as possible. stick around for part 2 where the wiring harness will be worked on as well as the brake lines!

Civic engine bay wire tuck & paint # 2
My second civic wire tuck and paint job, this time its on an EG hatch.