My Engine bay wire tuck and full paint job

We pull my engine to do a full paint job and wire tuck getting ready for simply clean 4 in November Music by : DJ Craze

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Civic engine bay wire tuck & paint # 2
My second civic wire tuck and paint job, this time its on an EG hatch.

Honda Civic tuck and shave pt2
friends 00 ex update.. welds are shaved down, surface primer applied and now we are in the filler and sanding process

Spray painting the intake manifold
I clean, degrease, and paint the intake manifold for my 1995 Saturn DOHC using Rustoleum high temperature engine spray paint. I am very pleased with the glossy finish and good coverage. Rust-oleum engine enamel is rated to 500 degrees. It's a good inexpensive way to fix up old looking parts. I found these on sale for $2/can but it should be availlable at most auto parts, hardware, and home improvement stores.

本田思域 Igravis's Honda Civic EG6 hatch wire tuck engine bay graffiti
Igravis's Honda Civic EG6 swap B16A1 N/A tuned 230hp from Bordeaux, France. Wire tuck by Igravis and graffiti by me. Posca/On the Run markers.