EH Holden 1UZ twin turbo - Eddy Hoek - first startup

This is a shot of my EH Holden fitted with a 1UZ twin turbo - first startup, you can see the build on my website -

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hand made from timber

Miller Chassis 1uz Turbo Hilux Powercruise Hour of Power
I somehow scammed a 'HP' sticker. Was mainly outgunned but had a few wins.

1uzfe tt engine
the 1uzfe with twin turbos now becoming really smooth. some more build pic here

APEXi x VIP Auto Salon SC430 Twin Turbo V8 1UZ Preview
Video by Steven Tran @Brandcreative Get an inside look at the APEXi / VIP Auto Salon Drift SC430. Newly Equipped with a Twin turbo 1UZ V8 Motor, this SC430 is Driven in Formula Drift by Patrick Mordaunt. Developed by engineers at Apex Integration in Orange, CA, this motor is detuned to a reliable 800+ WHP with an unknown capacity.