1/18 Lincoln Nebraska Police Department

This is custom Order for a new Lincoln Nebraska Police Department Dodgde Charger. This unit has 3 ciruitboards, laptop with working light, working spot light. Also this unit has a 4 tone siren in it which can be turnered on/off at anytime as long as the main power button is on. Also this car was wired of it's steady on lights to have the option to turn them on/off at any time as long as the main power is on.( Gives you the option to better see the patterns that are in the grille, fog, headlights, and mirror lights). This has a 15 pattern 16 led, 9 selectable speed lightbar, 19 pattern rear window traffic advisor, and a 10 pattern circuit board controling a set of headlights, tail lights, fog lamps, mirror lights, and grille lights. Also select from 4 tones of siren. This car has the works!!. Also custom decals made from scratch were installed and clearcoated for protection. Thank you and Enjoy!!

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Nebraska Police Chase Ends in Shootout
Police Officers in Omaha, Nebraska pursue a suspect who had robbed three(3) stores. The suspect fires at Officers during the chase, the chase ends in a shootout. The suspect recived 30 years in jail for his actions. November 29, 2006

Lincoln Nebraska Street Racing 06-21-2010
Various street races in Lincoln Nebraska on June 21, 2010.

Lincoln Police Department at their finest
This is a man being detained without cause

History of the Lincoln Police Department by Capt. Joy Citta
Nebraska State Historical Society Brown Bag Lecture "History of the Lincoln Police Department" by Capt. Joy Citta filmed on February 18, 2010 at the Nebraska History Museum in Lincoln, NE