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1/18 Lincoln Nebraska Police Department

This is custom Order for a new Lincoln Nebraska Police Department Dodgde Charger. This unit has 3 ciruitboards, laptop with working light, working spot light. Also this unit has a 4 tone siren in it which can be turnered on/off at anytime as long as the main power button is on. Also this car was wired of it's steady on lights to have the option to turn them on/off at any time as long as the main power is on.( Gives you the option to better see the patterns that are in the grille, fog, headlights, and mirror lights). This has a 15 pattern 16 led, 9 selectable speed lightbar, 19 pattern rear window traffic advisor, and a 10 pattern circuit board controling a set of headlights, tail lights, fog lamps, mirror lights, and grille lights. Also select from 4 tones of siren. This car has the works!!. Also custom decals made from scratch were installed and clearcoated for protection. Thank you and Enjoy!!


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1/18 Las Vegas Metro Police Department
This is a car I had painted awhile ago but just recently have found time to finish, with this car I made some new modifications to which updates it from a 2000 model to the newer 2009 look. With the help of Sam I made the regular amber front lenses clear then taped them up and painted a smaller amber like the newer units. Also with that it gave me an idea to use the new clear corners as the strobes, like the newer units use. Also a new modification which Ken (112264) guided me into how to make, is the honeycomb custom grille, It's just like the real units and totaly changes the look of the car!!. Also this car has installed in it is a 6 pattern strobe board, custom wheels, and custom made decals that have been clearcoated for protection. Thank you for watching!!

Lincoln Nebraska Street Racing 06-21-2010
Various street races in Lincoln Nebraska on June 21, 2010.

Lincoln Chrome 2011
Lincoln Chrome, a Lincoln Industries Company, is the manufacturer of high quality aftermarket stacks for the heavy duty truck market. We sell product through OEM parts departments and the major chrome shops throughout North America. If you are a looking for the best quality chrome stacks in the market contact your local chrome shop and ask for Lincoln by name

Driving in Lincoln, NE
Taken using iPhone 4. Stabilized and edited in Final Cut Pro X.

1/18 Explorer POV
This vehicle is equipt with a 10 pattern circuit board, has 9 speeds of flash, a cycle mode, bright and dim mode, and 15 min auto shut off. Was built to what the customer wanted. Thank you and Enjoy!! Thank you all for watching!!

Car Camera - Lincoln, NE - North Bottoms to University Place South . 2012 ( ネブラスカ州リンカーン市 )
Our latest adventure takes us from the east-northeast edge of the North Bottoms neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A., ahead of what the city likes to call the "Big X" - a big intersection above and next to the BNSF Railway tracks (not seen in this video - all part of the Antelope Valley project - 10+ year project just completed). We begin on this nice autumn day just skimming the University of Nebraska @ Lincoln city campus's eastern side with Antelope Creek to the left. Part way through, around 27th on Vine, we pass through what is the multicultural heart of Lincoln (up and down 27th) - what I like to call "Little Saigon"... you can find and dine on everything from India to Africa! On a side note, back about thirty years ago, this area was called "T-Town" for various reasons, one being it's close proximity to "T" Street. Further on Vine, the road narrows and gets bumpier (older late 50's to early 60's design) as it is one of the more heavily traveled in the city due to University traffic. On the left at 40th Street is the KOLN/KGIN-TV studio. Onto 48th, the MoPac Trail passes overhead and at 56th & Holdrege, Dead Man's Run flows catty-corner underneath the intersection. We end just south of Uni Place and Wesleyan University in the University Place South Neighborhood... typical 40's/50's style housing. Not the straightest drive, but a lot of times that's the way it goes here in Lincoln... please enjoy the ride! N. Antelope Valley - Vine - N. 48th - Holdrege - N. 56th - Francis - N. 54th. Lincoln, Nebraska Линкольн, Небраска ネブラスカ州リンカーン市 内布拉斯加州林肯 เนบราสก้า ลินคอล์น लिंकन नेब्रास्का لينكولن، نبراسكا

Americruise 2010 Lincoln, NE
Americruise 2010 Quick put together of clips.

Americruse 2012 - Lincoln, NE
Cars cruising and doing burn outs during 2012 Americruise held in Lincoln, NE. Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 9

1:18 Scale Maryland State Police Crown Vic with working lights
This is a 1:18 scale Maryland State Police crown Vic. The car has been painted with the actual MSP car paint with 3 coats of automobile clear coat. The car has a total of 28 led's. 16 located in the light bar. All leds are operated by 2 circuit boards. There are 9 flash patterns for the lightbar, deck and dash lights. I made all the decals.

1/18 Omaha Nebraska Police Car Custom W/ Lights Police Car FCV
1/18 Custom Police Car

Framingham Police Responding
One night while I was railfanning, a ton of police cars started darting by. So I decided to take some videos. This was on 15 April 2009, at midnight. I later learned that there was an armed robbery, and an officer had been shot. The officer that pulled into the Tadeschi Food Shop was probably looking for the suspect. No trains went through for the rest of the night, as they thought the suspect may have tried to board the MBTA train to flee, since it came through just after the robbery. I was wondering why it had stopped for so long, since I know that was not its final stop for the night. Nearly one hundred officers from around the surrounding areas responded to the incident. For more information about the story, go to http://wbztv.com/local/framingham.police.officer.2.985244.html Sorry for the poor camerawork in the beginning of the last shot, I was more focused on driving, especially since there was a police officer directly in front of me. ^^; © Katsuki Lennox

1/18 Omaha Nebraska Police Car Custom W/ Police Lights Custom Model Car
1/18 Custom

1/18 Narberth and Lower Merion Police
Units were a custom order Thank you!

2008 Dodge Charger Police Car
What I do at my daily job. NO, I'm not a cop. We install and repair the lights, radios, emergency equipment, etc. Music provided by: Inner Circle - Bad Boys (Remix)

1/18 U.S. Border Patrol Crown Victoria
1/18 U.S. Border Patrol Crown Victoria custom die cast model with led lighting powered by multi patterned circuit boards with controllers.

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