crackerbox coming home

69 gmc crackerbox that my father just bought. video was taken with a crappy blackberry smartphone so quality is deffinately not the best. gonna take lots more videos as the restoration is in progress

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1st Ride in the Crackerbox.wmv
Took the Crackerbox for it's 1st spin in 24 years. Ran good, shifted good, stopped good but has no traction without a load, as you will see in the end. Barely used any fuel

1951 Army truck pulled from building after 30 years storage.
I decided to get this army truck out of my building, after 30 years - - I now have it for sale for $1500 - - - missing transmission, has transfer case yet; 99% rust free. I had planned to install a 6-71 Detroit diesel in it with an Allison automatic. I might still do that if no one wants it before that. Still has the 302 GMC 6 cyl gas engine though.

68 Cracker-box moves a trailer
Loaded the cracker box on the trailer and took it to my buddy's place to pull a trailer out of the woods and place it at another location on the property. Wish we had more video but it took a little work to get it hooked up.

68 GMC 6-71 Crackerbox start up
Starting up the Detroit after cleaning 3 of the 6 injectors. I had a pair of vice grips on the throttle rack. I also added a qt of tranny fluid to the bucket of fuel I was running on. This truck had sat for years and was going to be scrapped. I think this truck is gonna be ok. I can't wait to drive it.