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Cruising OCMD 2013 Turbo Truck Burnout
A little burnout and some nice comments from the peanut gallery from this truck. Truck is an 02 Silverado 4.8 with a KBRacing turbo kit and MP70 turbo

454ss Burn Out
1000hp 454 Nitrous eatin Chevy 9 sec truck

ZR1 Powered Silverado Truck
LS9 Powered Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Truck This is probably the only ZR1 powered truck in the country, it has a crate motor LS9. Check out Follow us on Facebook

9 Second Step-side Turbo Pickup?!
Jesus' 1200hp turbo Pickup built & tuned by Oddball turbo & Fabriction made some really impressive passes at the HPT Truck Shootout & Bayou Drag events running a personal best of a 9.52! This truck is crazy fast.