1982 camaro z28 seafoam

seafoaming my 1982 z228 Camaro. its got a stock 305 but that will be soon changed

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Camaro Z28 Burnout
Un show qui déménage!!!!

Camaro Z28 Flowmaster vs Cutout
1982 Camaro z28 with electric cut out! 20inch rims nd a bumping system must see!

Seafoaming a 1979 400 Small Block Camaro
In this Seafoam video, we run it through my friend's 1979 Chevy Camaro with a 400 Small Block. After we ran it, he said it revved faster, and idled much steadier. Later on, I put plugs in it to make it run even better.

Raving Reviewer. Known Problems of the 85-92 Camaro
Known problems of the 3rd gen Fbody. I wanted to use a very famous shark theme when it's eating me, but I didn't want in infringe on anyone.